Wednesday, February 23, 2005

ok, am back at canberra, although i can't say that i'm too pleased with thaT~so far it means having to slog through subjects like econs, finance, materials, and comp. You see, i'm like a total NOOB when it comes to econs and finance. Oh, you can add comp to the list too as the bloody lecturer that got petitioned last year is back, with a vengeance. Damn incoherent fella, us total noobies like heather, joanne, and me, plus a non-noob Lachlan can't understand what the hell he's trying to explain. Am screwed.

the trip back to canberra can only be summed up like this: BUMPY. Hopped on MH123 on feb 18 and got the seat that i hate the most (window). After about 8 hrs leaning against the bloody vibrating wall that's pretty hardcore coz i was seated on the last 4 rows at the tailend, add another 3 irritating hrs in the bus (ALSO a window seat, goddamned~).

okay, plane buddies were OK i suppose. Sat with two guys, and the India indian fella next to me took up some space, made it VERY difficult to get out. SO, just the thought of having to squeeze thru two blokes sure makes any notions of goin for a piss irritating. The irony was, the three of us make up Mechanical engineers of diff stages: Indian bloke-practising engn, cool Malay chap-final year, and myself-2nd year. Got back to the hostel, trying not to puke out my already empty tummy coz plane food made me sicker only to discover that i've been booted 3 floors down onto the fourth floor~~Shit. The food to Sydney always suck, but the food on the flight FROM sydney (MH122) rocks coz the lunch menu is cool. Even if it did suck somehow, the icecream + cakes + chocs makes it all worthwhile :).

Am SO glad Joanne + Heather are doing Materials/mech engn too. Heather's actually doing the identical degree as me, down to the Finance major. Us three have bid a huge GOODBYE to any electronics. Those electronics students are actually quite lucky really, they didn't get Marshall this time. In case you're wondering, Marshall Shepard is the guy that wiped out over 90+ people from having a future in electronics single-handedly last semester. Yep, and these 90 odd people have defected to Materials/mech mostly.

first day at uni was okay i suppose, met most of the dudes i know on campus. All these fellas bitched about one thing in common right after asking about each other's hols: The crappy timetable. Lol, okay, so there's less contact hrs this time round, but it's so SPREAD out!! like mine, there's two extremes, start at 9/10am, and end at 6/7pm. Bloody hell, and there's heaps of gaps in between. Actually, (learnt this from lachlan), if we were to erase COMP1100 off our timetable, the whole thing looks WAY better - and we're sorely tempted to do so. I mean, who the hell schedules that damn COMP class at 5-6pm when none of us have anything on 3-5 hrs before it?? this is why i feel so damn tired each day, kinda stretched out~

right, i might just take that nap right now, damn tired~

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Sunday, February 06, 2005








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Friday, January 21, 2005

For the beacon in my darkest hours

I, a broken soul,
without a place to go,
nowhere to shed this tear,
no place to confide my fears.

In a cruel and heartless world,
no one hand to hold.
To guide me through this hardship,
I turn to myself..and weep.

I started out, alone at first,
Then I found you, you quenched my thirst.
You gave me joy, til' I thought I'd burst,
You taught me love, and lifted my curse.

When I was on the verge of breaking down,
you were there, you wiped away my frown.
I recalled your antics to make me smile,
I presevered, but I was-all the while.

To tell you the truth, my dear 'friend',
Some kindred souls are to be meant.
I love you, my deus ex machina,
No matter what, to me-that's what you are.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

lalala...ahem..Do RE MIIIIIII

argh, bullcrap~

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